Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 57 - New workouts! Guaranteed to train you to seduce your man, or beat him up!

I came across this article about workouts that are different and work your body in different ways.  I had to comment on it because it has one of my absolute favorites in the list! :)  In this blog entry, I'm giving my opinion of these workouts, but for all of the information, read the full article HERE.

1)  Sports Drills - Ever want the body of Gabi Reese? Maybe Anna Kournikova? This drills are designed to improve your skill in certain sports.  While they are generally for certain athletes, some gyms offer classes or training for individuals who just want a different workout.

2) Boxing - I love boxing.  Not only do you learn how to kick some as.... ummm.. butt, you get a great workout.  Trust me, when you do 2-minute rounds of bob-and-weave/hook combos, the next day your abs will be hating loving you.  Really. :) 

3) Boot Camp - Some of you may have already tried this workout.  I have to say I haven't done this. Not since I was in Air Force ROTC in college. And that was about *cough* *mumbled number* years ago.  But I will say this, if it is anything like actual military boot camp?? It's a really awesome workout.

4)  Kettlebell Lifting - I'm going to be honest.  I have never tried kettlebells.  The closest I have gotten to them is watching the contestants on The Biggest Loser sweating and groaning with them.  Maybe my problem is from watching Jillian kill them... hmmmmmm.... *rubs chin*

5) KRAV MAGA - Can you tell which is my favorite??  In fact, I had to put a different picture on here because the one in the article was kind of wimpy.  (I got this picture from an article at  Krav is a great, and addictive, workout.  It is the Israeli form of self-defense/fighting.  And let me just tell you - - after a tough day at work? It's therapeutic to go to a class and punch, hit, kick, etc. on a bag.  And women, don't worry, the techniques were specifically formed to be applicable for both men and women.  I have to say it is very satisfying to be paired up with the new guy who says "I don't want to hurt you," which would then be proceeded by you kicking their tooshes.  *insert evil grin here* Moving on!

6)  Muay Thai Kickboxing - Again, a really great workout.  It is similar to Krav in that it is physically intense, uses muscles you didn't know you had, and trains you to be mentally prepared.  I have taken classes in this as well, and it is really incredible.  One thing I can add,  in most martial arts classes, you are using what has been called "bursting energy."  Meaning you go from 0 to 100 in one second.  You will go at very high intensity for a short time, and then have a period of rest.  In fact, since this kind of workout is so different than endurance training, marathon runners and other endurance athletes have a hard time with it.  Makes me feel good actually. :)

7)  Fusion Dance - Okay, I have never tried this, but it seems incredibly cool.  To me, the name 'fusion dance' seemed like a new weird type of dancing that I didn't think I would be into.  However!! I was proved wrong.  What it means is that they have fused several dance styles into one class.  In a class, you may learn to salsa, or waltz, or do ballet, etc. Sounds pretty cool huh? And if you ever become famous and make it to Dancing with the Stars, you will already have a leg up.

8)  Bikram Yoga - For more information, see the article.  I am already wanting to get into yoga to increase my core strength and flexibility.  But adding heat is supposed to increase circulation and help your joints.  Like I said, I don't know anything about it, so I'll refrain from giving judgement.

9)  Belly Dancing - Okay, this just seems really cool and/or fun.  I looks like you would work your abs a TON.  Even those pesky lateral abs.  And hey -- if you want to practice in front of the hubby/fiance/boyfriend?  I'm sure they won't mind. *insert evil laugh here*

10) Exotic Dancing - Now, let's make sure that we have this clear.  They are suggesting pole dancing classes.  Not going out and pole dancing at a bar.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  Just sayin'.  But man, have you ever seen what those women can do with a pole?? Holy crap.  I'd kill myself.  But it seems incredibly cool.  And again - I'm sure that the man in your life might allow you to practice for him.  Just don't let him install a pole in the bedroom.  It won't match the bedding.  (Maybe.  Although I haven't seen your bedding. I'm just making a guess.)

So there ya go!  If you guys try any of these, and love... or loathe... them, let me know!  What do you guys think?  Are you going to try any of these?

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Day 56 - I'm back! And does it really take 21 days to change a habit???

I am finally feeling fairly good.  So I'm hoping I'm back to normal. *knock knock*  Unfortunately, it wasn't a flu type of sick so the scale wasn't great.  BUT -- I did lose 1.4 pounds.  Not too bad considering I couldn't exercise and my eating wasn't on point.

Can we talk about something??  You know how people say that it takes 21 days to form a habit? Is that really true?  I came across an article about this titled How Long to Form a Habit? (Appropriately titled don't you think?)  I haven't fact checked the article, but did you know that the 21 days comes from a surgeon that noticed that it took amputees 21 days to get used to having lost a limb.  (I don't know to what extent.  I mean, who gets 100% over losing a limb??)

They tested different habits and noticed that there was variation.  It could take between 18 and 254 days to form a habit.  Because lets face it, forming a habit to drink water will take much less time than to form a habit to run 10 miles a day. (I think the 10 miles a day would take me approximately 2656 days. Just sayin'.) 

My other question is:  What happens if you have an off day? Or .. ummmm... several off days.  Like I might have had the last few days?  Okay...  last week or two?  Does that mean that my good habits are broken now?  I'm hoping not, but I have a history of sliding back to bad habits once my good habits are broken. 

Case in point: When I was slightly younger... several years younger..... OKAY!  Lots and lots younger, I was a gymnast.  I wanted to get better so my trainers have me several exercises to do every day.  Nothing really big.  Push-ups, sit-ups, etc.  And I did them religiously.  I even kept a journal of my exercises.  And then, one day, I thought, "You know, I've been doing these for a while.  And I'm tired tonight.  One night off isn't going to kill me."  And thus ended my nightly exercises.

One point that eases my mind somewhat, according to the above article?  I'm in the clear.  One missed day won't cause you to fall off the wagon.  WOO HOO!  So I guess the lesson is, KEEP ON TRUCKIN'!!

P.S.  Contrary to my overactive imagination may tell you, I never looked like that picture when I was a gymnast.

(Image 1 from
(Image 2 from 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 47 - Being sick sure puts a damper on blogging!

Hey blog buddies!  First of all, let me apologize for the absence on my blog.  I got really, really sick this last week+.  So I apologize for my lack of posting.

Now, for my LHA - I had only lost 1 pound, but since I actually hadn't been able to exercise like I should, it doesn't really surprise me.  We'll see about this week, although, I'm expecting another iffy number.  Cross your fingers!  I can't wait to get back on target!

I'm going to wrap this up for now.  But I wanted to touch base with everyone and let you guys know that I am, in fact, still here. :)  Ta ta for now!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 38 - How did that work exactly...

I'm going to admit, I didn't do any exercise yesterday.  What can I say?  It was a crazy busy day and I didn't get done until late last night. (I'm not excusing it in anyway - I was just a slacker.)

So it was a lazy kind of day.  Then I got ready for bed.  You know.... wash the face, brush and floss the teeth, put on the jammies, and curl up in bed.  All nice and snuggly and non-move-y.  

And then... I woke up this morning.

Now I ask you.  How the hell does one pull a muscle during the night?  When one is asleep?!  Seriously guys.  I pulled a butt/hip muscle in my sleep.  How does that work exactly??  But it actually feels better when moving around so no ixnay on the xerciseeay. But it begs the question - how can one pull a muscle when one isn't moving.  

HEY!! Maybe I was sleep-exercising!  Can I put down an hour on my LHA challenge?? :D
No?  Damnit.  Okay.

Have a good weekend guys!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 36 - 3...2...1... PAIN

I did my cardio on my freshly fixed elliptical. WOO HOO!!

For those who don't know, I have an elliptical with an adjustable stride length.  It had been stuck on the 13" stride length which works your quads more.  But tonight... tonight, I got to use the 18" stride length.  Oh! It felt so good.  Kind of.  Except that the muscles in my legs weren't happy.  I think the conversation went something like this:

Legs: Oh.  Wait a minute.  Ow. OW. OW!!!!  What the hell?
Me: It's called the elliptical.  It's good for you.  Trust me.
Legs: Trust you my a$$.  Literally.
Me: No really.  You'll thank me for it someday.
Legs: Did your parents say that to you? Did you believe them when they said it?
Me:  Hmmmm.  You have a point.
Legs: Damn straight! Now get off this damn thing!
Me:  Nope.  See, I'm doing this challenge.
Legs:  Challenge?  What the hell kind of challenge?  And why did you involve me??
Me: First of all, do you really have to curse?  Second, the challenge requires me to exercise.  So you'll just have to suck it up.
Legs: First, hell yes I have to curse!  Wait!!! Don't turn up the resistance!  Are you trying to kill me?? And second, who's idea was it to do the challenge?
Me: Hey - if you want to blame someone, blame Lisa and Christine.  They started it!
Legs:  As soon as we can walk without feeling like Jello, we will!  You can bet on it!

And then, I went on to do about 40 minutes of cardio. My legs still hate me.  I think I'll just have to apologize in the morning when they are speaking to me again.

Wait.  Am I really talking about talking to my legs?  I need some sleep.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 35 - My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge

Okay, since I have to (yes, they are making me) post pictures, I am putting a break in this post.  So if you actually click "See More" then you can't blame me for your eyes burning out of their sockets!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 33 - Exercise and me. A story of ellipticals, yoga, and getting stuck in uncomfortable positions.

First of all...  my elliptical is fixed!!!  Woo hoo!!!  *does a happy dance*  Today, one day shy of 5 months, I finally have my elliptical working properly.  My thighs, which took a beating when it was still broken, are excessively happy and relieved.

That being said, this last week and a half, when my elliptical was fully non-functional, I pulled out my yoga DVDs.  I do like yoga. I hope it will help me regain the flexibility of my youth.  And lord knows that I need to have the practice at being peaceful and centered. :)  So with this in mind, I grabbed my mat, my blocks, and popped in my Rodney Yee DVD.  I was full of optimism as I started.  But that quickly dwindled in the first few minutes.  Let me just say, that I'm sure I'm more flexible than I seem.  It's just that... well.... it's just that my flub sometimes gets in the way!  And while I wished I looked like:

I'm afraid I rather looked like: 

That being said, I really am going to add yoga to my exercise.  If I was questioning it, I came across this article today.    Yoga and Weight Loss  Talk about some perfect timing!  So the great thing is, not only am I limbering up so I don't pull anything while exercising (although I doubt I will ever be able to do the lotus position or put my leg behind my head), but it will also help me not eat as much.  BONUS!

Speaking of exercising....

I just wanted to remind people - My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge is starting on the 5th.  If you haven't signed up, you really should.  And if not, you can just cheer me on. :)

Hope everyone has had a good weekend and has a great week ahead of them!
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