Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hiking and wardrobe malfunctions...

Earlier this week, I went out on a hike.....
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I didn't get very far.


Ummmm....  Let's just say I didn't want people to see more of my toosh than I wanted them to.


Yeah. I had a hole in my pants. BUT! I didn't let that stop me from doing something interesting and fun (for me, at least).

I was out at Pea Ridge National Military Park, which is a Civil War site. (The Union won that battle. WOO HOO!!)  I decided to go on a search.

To explain, I did something new. Something.... well, a little uncomfortable for me. I made a video. Yup. Now keep in mind that I don't even like pictures of me right now so video is that uncomfortableness times a gazillion!!!

But, here it is. Be kind.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Beginning again....

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How many times is this?? One?? Two?? Three hundred and twenty five?

Eh - the number doesn't matter. All that matters is that I'm starting again. And that I'm determined to make it stick this time around. 

Did I really start this blog 5+ years ago? Seriously? I feel like Oprah when she said, "I can't believe I am still talking about my weight!" Not in the fact that weight is supposedly a newsworthy topic, but that that the struggle has continued so many years later!

I'm not saying that I'm going to have it all figured out. To be honest, I will probably trip and fall.... a lot. A lot, a lot. But as I've always said (and stolen from somewhere/someone else), if it isn't hard, it isn't worth doing. 


No really, I need convincing. 


So in the spirit of convincing myself, here are:

1.  Because of this before and after:

That's right boys and girls. The black shirt is something I would have worn to work out back in the day. The white shirt is what I fit into now. My old shirt wouldn't even cover one breast nowadays. *sigh* Man, that's depressing.
Positivity! I have it. :)

2. Because I really need to have the horrible decision of choosing which guy I want to date. Who will it be? Henry Cavill? Tom Hiddleston? Tom Welling? Chris Evans? (Sadly, Chris Hemsworth, Hugh Jackman, etc. are all happily married. Damnit.)

It's okay boys. Really. You are all great. But I just have to go with the guy who is right for me.

3. Because I would like to hike the Grand Canyon without inadvertently killing myself. (Sidenote: Accidentally keeling over is a bad, bad thing.)

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 (Sidenote #2: The person in the picture is definitely NOT ME.)

4. Health factors are going to become an issue. They kinda already are. (See blog: Holy S***balls Moments Part 1.)

5. I like my spine. 
6. I ... What? Oh you want an explanation of #5? Okay.

5 cont'd. I had an issue with inflammation of the cartilage that sits between the sternum and the ribs. The doctor took a chest x-ray just to make sure there wasn't anything else going on. The conversation went something like this.
Doctor: Everything looks pretty good. I do see some wear on your spine, but nothing else.  It seems...
Me: Wait wait wait... can you go back to the spine thing?
Doctor: Oh.. well, there's some wear there, but it's typical for someone with large breasts to have the kind of wear.
Me: Are you saying that my breasts are eroding MY SPINE?!?!?!
Well... yes, but like I said, it's normal to see that.
Me: I like my spine the way it is thank you very much!
Sooooo... yeah.... I want my spine to stay the way it is.

6. Two words: boob sweat.
Yes, it's a thing.

7.  It would be easier to paint my toenails.

8.  Halloween costumes become AWESOME.

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Also in this thread of reason: 
- MUCH cuter underwear
- MUCH less expensive bras

9.  More flexibility for....... ummm........ more flexibility. *insert angel's halo here*

10.  I don't like for me to see me like this. It makes for a lot of missed opportunities. 

So there ya have it!! My top ten reasons for losing weight. Do you have any to add??
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