Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Hiking and wardrobe malfunctions...

Earlier this week, I went out on a hike.....
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I didn't get very far.


Ummmm....  Let's just say I didn't want people to see more of my toosh than I wanted them to.


Yeah. I had a hole in my pants. BUT! I didn't let that stop me from doing something interesting and fun (for me, at least).

I was out at Pea Ridge National Military Park, which is a Civil War site. (The Union won that battle. WOO HOO!!)  I decided to go on a search.

To explain, I did something new. Something.... well, a little uncomfortable for me. I made a video. Yup. Now keep in mind that I don't even like pictures of me right now so video is that uncomfortableness times a gazillion!!!

But, here it is. Be kind.


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