Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 76 - Note to the unwise (ME)... aka The Work Shoes from Hell

Hello all!!  First, I feel I should mention that for the next few weeks, I will be blogging a bit more sporadically.  See... there's this pesky proposal thing.  It's how I get my salary. And since I don't want to be jobless... and therefore homeless... I have to write these proposals.  I hate that part of my job. I really do.

That being said.  Today, I decided to go for a walk with a couple of my coworkers.  I hadn't planned on it.  I didn't even have clothes or shoes to change into.  But hey - my shoes are okay to walk in. Or. So. I. Thought.

I had on my work shoes. The ones I wear when I'm in the lab.  You would think "Oh, well, they are broken in.  I'll be okay."  But after mile 1????


Yeah.  I'm in pain right now.  But hey - I did the full 3 1/2 - 4 miles.  Yay me.  And by the way, they get heavier as you go. By the time I got to the end, it felt like these shoes had become two toddlers that had latched onto my legs and I was dragging them, dead weight and all, down the road.  I'll put it to you this way... on the last little bit, I tripped on those little reflector things that are glued to the road.  Yup.  And those things are maybe an inch off the ground. I'm just graceful like that.

Tomorrow: weigh in day for LHA.  See you guys then! Byeeeeeee!

And just because I found this really funny and wanted to make you laugh:


Flabby McGee said...

Ugh...hope your feet feel better!! Although I loved your description of how you felt at the end!! Too funny!

LiLu said...

That was my favorite lolcat this morning!! (Yes, I get the email... what?? ;-)

ARJules said...

Hey McGee! They do feel better. I can walk now! :D That's always a good thing. And I do NOT have those shoes on today. WOO HOO

LiLu - You get the e-mail what??? I don't have anything like that..... I don't have the Mac Widget... or the iPhone app.... I don't know what you are talking about. *runs away before she's found out as a LOLCat addict*

The_Exquisite_Christine said...

Hope work gets to be less stressful and I hope you remember your shoes next time. :-/ Poor feet!!!

ARJules said...

Thanks Christine!! The feetsies are still flipping me off, but feeling better. :)

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