Monday, October 5, 2009

10 Reasons I Need to Lose Weight

Okay, the question is why? Why do I want to lose weight? So I can buy cute clothes? Of course. In case I run into Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, I want to look hot.  Uh.. YEAH!  But that's not all.  Here are my top ten reasons for wanting to lose weight.

10.  So when I look at pictures, I won't want to bang my head against the desk, throw up, or cry.
9.  Because I want to wear my cute skinny jeans not my big ole bags that are loosely called pants.
8.  I might get asked out on a date??? 
7.  I love the beach.  And I'd prefer not to look like an elephant seal when I go.  Plus, the icky sardines people throw at me smell really bad. 
6.  I love to travel.  But two problems: 1) The size of airplane seats.  And 2) Some of the things I want to do, I can't physically do.  Like hike up a mountain, climb over ruins, grab the cabana boy and......  well.... ummmm..... yeah. 
5.  I miss having the confidence to even walk down the street.  Or just be comfortable in my own skin. Confidence is key and I have none right now. 
4.  I would LOVE to be able to go up the stairs without huffing and puffing all the way up.  And not be able to catch my breath at the top.
3.  Heath factors are definitely high.  If I don't do something, it could lead to type II diabetes, heart problems, etc.  My father had both of those and I tend to follow in his medical trends.
2.  I want to do field work!  In the Mojave, picture my friends on the next dune ahead of me, and Mary Beth at the crest of Kelso Dunes.  Me?  Taking the picture from behind because I couldn't get my fat butt over the next dune.

1.  I currently tend to not want people to see me like this.  I almost let it keep me from seeing one of my best friends at Christmas in 2007.  (And would have if he hadn't been so stubborn.)  That was the last time I saw him, he passed away October of 2008.   I almost kept myself from hanging out with a friend because I was so concerned about my weight.  I don't want that to happen again.


Noel Trim said...

Jules....let's do something about it!!! What can we do to get you back on the wagon. :-) You are a beautiful person, inside and out. I want you to feel confident. You have so much to give to this world, you are deserving of success, love, friendship, family and confidence! How can I support you???? Love, Noel

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