Thursday, October 1, 2009

In the beginning.....

First of all, I need to give credit for the title to two people.  One is my friend Jennie, who thought of the lard pit.  It's so apropos. :)  She rocks!  And let me give credit for the "Fabbity Fab Confessions" part of my title.  It comes from a British young adult series chronically the trying times of teen Georgia Nicholson, of which I read "And That's When it Came off in my Hand: Further Fabbity Fab Confessions of Georgia Nicholson" by Louise Rennison.  (Very funny by the way.)
Because I couldn't say everything I wanted to in the blog description, I'll expand it to what I wanted to say. :)

Yes, we all know how hard weight loss can be.  Kind of like... climbing out of a pit of lard.  I know in my case, lard could give me some great camouflage.  But really, how healthy could it be to live in a lard pit?  And it's bad for your skin too.  It is easy to say "I think I'll get out now.  I don't want get my skin all pruny." But actually doing it - actually climbing out is a whole different story.  In fact, it can be quite torturous.  You start out by getting a good handhold.  Determination sets in your eyes, you get that pursed mouth of single-minded resolve, and you climb those first inches out of the pit.  You're feeling good... but then.... the Evil King of the Fajitas and Chips and Salsa rears his ugly head!  Taunting you... tempting you... reminding you how nice it was in lard-land.  And you slip back down a few inches.  It's so hard to keep a grip!  Lard is, after all, very slippery. NO!  I will not give in to the evil sizzling platter of chicken and peppers!  I will ignore that never-ending basket of salty chip goodness!  Okay.. maybe just one. *slides further* And for every step you take out of the lard pit, you slide a little back.

But the real issue is this. . . why did you dive into the lard pit anyway? (Or slowly, gradually slide into its depths.) What happens when you get out? What will your new reality be?  After all, you really don't have to deal with many people as they don't like wading through the lard pit with you.  You will have to put yourself out there -- once you shower and get the stinky gobs of goo off of you.  (Really - lard doesn't do anything for hair either.   (Very greasy.)  That nice safe comfort zone of lard is gone.  Will you have to actually deal with people then? Oh no... and heaven forbid you go on a date. *gasp* 

But the reward is this:  You will feel amazing.  Powerful. Energetic. And those things that scare you now, won't scare you after.  You just have to keep one foot in front of the other.  No matter what happens, just keep going. (By the way, when I say 'you', I mean me. :) )

And to this purpose, I want to write this blog about my journey into the forays of weight loss.  My successes... and failures. (Trust me, there will be many!) I want to talk about my diet and my exercise.  I want to discuss what is keeping me from jumping back into it, and what it will take to get past it.  I want to document how differently people treat me as an overweight person and how it changes as I lose weight.  So, are we ready?  (And I promise, I'll try to keep the horrible pictures down to a minimum. ha ha)



Jennifer Brindley said...

Climbing out of the Lard Pit = best blog title, ever.

I'm so jealous I didn't think of it. <3

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

ARJules said...

Thanks Jennifer! Although, I have to admit, my friend Jennie helped me come up with it. :) But it makes me giggle.

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