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Biggest Loser 10/13/09

Another Biggest Loser! As I sit my toosh on the couch and watch. lol  Again - long, long post.

We start off with a temptation.  We see a huge wheel ala Wheel of Fortune.  And Allison says that they no longer are going to play in duos.  They are now: Blue and Black teams!  They have to spin the wheel to see who determines the teams and who will be their trainer.  She explains that you can spin the wheel and you can land on $1000 or 1000 calories. YIKES!  Everyone is playing except Abby. YAY Abby.
Rudy spins first -- and gets the cake slice of 1000 calories!
Rebecca spins - (She WANTS that power!) - 280 calorie chocolate donut
Allen spins - 100 calorie chocolate cupcake
Danny spins - 780 calorie cupcake
Tracey spins - who has won all of the temptations - SHE GOT THE GOLDEN TICKET!
You've got to be kidding me!  Coach Mo says that there was something supernatural about this.  How the wind picked up when she stepped up to the wheel.  It's just crazy.  But people are not happy about this.  Can't say I am either.  Tracey goes off to decide the teams etc.

People back at the house are talking about what Tracey might do. Amanda is talking about how she is terrified to be taken away from Bob.  But Shay says that Tracey may have the power, but they can take it back.  That Tracey doesn't have the power to determine how hard they work.  And they can work their asses off.  Dina talks to Rudy and tells him she is scared that they will be broken up and how much of a support he has been for her.

They congregate to find out what Tracey has decided.  And I have to admit Tracey looks a little smug. And all grinny.  Then Bob and Jillian walk in - Bob: "And Tracey won? Shocker!"  And Jillian can't believe it.  And she doesn't look happy!  
LMAO - Tracey picks Bob saying that she has a connection.  Bob doesn't look happy.  Cut to Jillian in interview 
"Bob has no connection with Tracey!  It's just Tracey's way of getting out of the ass whipping that I have been waiting to deliver her for the last 3 or 4 weeks.  All I want to do is pound her within an inch of her life to show her what this place is all about."
Blue Team:  Tracey, Coach Mo, Allen, Liz, Rudy, after commercial
Black Team: Daniel, Shay, Abby, Danny, Amanda, after commercial
When Liz gets up to the teams and is terrified that Danny will be in the other team.  She says she needs his support and is very emotional.  It's hard to not to feel for her.  Both Liz and Danny are upset! Amanda gets taken away from Bob.  And Bob is actually upset but says that Jillian will take good care of her.
Tracey looks upset because so many people are upset.  AND THEN!!  Tracey says this in interview...
"Hearing this voice,  'Tracey this is your second chance.  You've got to stop pleasing people and you have to please yourself."

Blue Team:  Tracey, Coach Mo, Allen, Liz, Rudy, Rebecca
Black Team: Daniel, Shay, Abby, Danny, Amanda, Dina
So basically Tracey has split up the teams so no one (except her and the orange team) has their partner for support.  Bob comforts Rebecca and says that everything will be okay.  
Does she not get that she has pissed off the entire house?
Cut to Dina, Danny, and Liz at the house.  It shocks me, well, not so much, to hear Liz say
"I told her last night it is so important to keep Danny close to me now. He is my rock in this house now."
Now, it is GAME ON!  People are pissed.  They are all after blood.  Liz is livid.  She says she is going to be sweet to her. Watch movies with her. Cook for her. But they are out for blood.  "She wants to win? She needs to do it at home."

Bob -- so funny. Talking about how black vs blue it can be stressful.  "And what I know what I can do is find some big guy that I can beat up and it makes me feel better."  So funny!!
Jillian about the drama: "Nothing like a good beating to snap you back into reality." 
Jillian makes Amanda throw up from working out. LOL  Amanda "There's my granny apple.  I can't believe you made me puke already." Jillian "Well?? I just want you to feel that I care!"  LOL

Liz says she is going to kill herself before she goes home before Tracey.  You see her on the treadmill and then all you know is that there is a commotion.  And you see that Liz has gone down. And you see Bob run over to the treadmills and see Liz laying on the treadmill.

Liz seems to have passed out.  But it seems that she was just working herself too hard and not eating enough before the workout.  You see her eating a banana while Bob asks if her head is on straight. Liz: "Oh! My head is on straight" And when Jillian asks what happens when a southern woman gets mad and Liz replies "We get even!" To the enjoyment of everyone around.

Dina starts her workout with Jillian - and it starts with the stool.  The exercise where you jump on the stool. And Dina can't seem to make herself do it. (I feel for her, because I can't do back drops on the trampoline.)  But instead of doing it, Dina walks out.  She is talking about how she wants to be able to depend on herself.  And Rudy is very smart saying maybe being split up is what she needed to push herself to the next step.  So Rudy says lets go.  Let's do it.

Dina goes to try and she doesn't make it.  But I can tell you from experience.  She isn't trying her hardest.  She is half assing it.  And Rudy, good boy, is pushing her. "DO it!" And Rudy calls it! "You're trying not to." The blue team goes to go eat.  And you see her continue to try.  Well, half try.

Trainer tips: (Jillian)
I'm not going to type all of this because dead lifts are important to do with the proper technique.  Have a trainer show you how.
"Dead lifts are a great way to strengthen your glutes and hamstrings."
Bob takes his team to Albertson's grocery store to teach nutrition.  They learn what to pick.  And they make wraps of Jennie O turkey breast (no skin), lettuce, tomato, sprouts, etc.

Here comes the challenge.  "Good players help themselves. Great players help their teammates." And then she goes on to say that sometimes you have to carry others and sometimes they carry you. Can you see where this is headed?? Oh yes.  So they have to climb the hill, go through a mud pond, through a field to the finish line.  And they have to do it carrying one player.  So 4 have to carry 1 that is sitting on a platform.  Prize: Videos from home.  Abby and Tracey sit out due to injuries. And the teams plan how they are going to do it. 

At start, Dina and Rebecca start being carried.
Blue team stops to read before the mud pit. 
Black team follows.  Amanda loses a shoe in the mud pit. And Dina is happy to carry the team instead of them carrying her.  But Shay is having a hard time.  So is Daniel.  To the point Shay is yelling at him. LOL

There is a message before the commercial about Pink Together.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  And Jillian sent a message about breast cancer and about Pink Together (Pink Together) and tells us that for more information to go to www.biggestloser.com to learn more.  I beg of you - go and find out more information on this disease and what you can do.  The more you know........

And Blue Team finishes first!!! And black team follows.  They are very happy. But I can't help but feel that Tracey doesn't deserve it.  And then Rebecca does a great thing.  She knows how important it was for Dina so she gives Dina her video.  And they hug and Rebecca says "Now get on the platform."  And Dina gives the video back and says "I can't take this.  I have to get on the platform for me. Thank you."

Blue Team goes to watch the videos.  They are so sweet and you can tell how much it means to them.
Liz asks Danny to watch her video with her.  And he says he would be honored.  They sit down and she presses play and it is Danny's video.  And his reaction is fantastic!  It turns out a lot of people in his family have been losing weight.  He's already an inspiration!  I love those guys.

Last chance workout!  
Jillian: "This is the first week of blue vs. black. *pause*  I'm going to kill them."
 I love Jillian.  And Jillian knows how to bring up the underdogs!  And if Tracey didn't realize that, she's stupid. The exercises that Jillian is picking is definitely to make them a team.

Bob takes his team to 24 Hour Fitness to do a group class taught by him. You may think that this is easy peasy.  OH NO! You can see the exhaustion.  Then they get on the cardio.  I didn't realize that Coach Mo is injured but he's on the bike with a cast type of thing.

Then we go to Dina trying to get on the platform.  That is clearly her blocking point.  And Jillian calls it.  They go to get a snack and then "5 miles... just because it will be fun."  LOL  Love Jillian... as I'm sitting on my couch!

*Trainer Tips:  (Bob)
Again - not typing all of it because I want people to know the proper form!!
Push-ups are a great exercise for people who are not able to do a regular push-ups.  He goes on to describe wall pushups and desk pushups.

***Commercial*** (Will not put the commercial in for the weigh in.)
Blue Team
Tracey goes first. (Is it bad I want her to do poorly?)
Tracey: -7 (206)
Coach Mo: -6 (312)
Allen: -7 (278)
Rudy: -8 (369)
Rebecca: -7 (237)
Liz: -8 (232) YAY LIZ!
Total: -43; 2.56%

Black team needs to lose -45

Black Team
Abby: -5 (208)
Dina: -6 (223) (I'm feeling nervous.)
Amanda: -6 (224)
Danny: -10 (372)
Daniel: -11 (276)
Shay:  (Aww... Shay is crying.) ***commercial*** -16!!!!!  (416) 
WAY TO GO SHAY!!!!!!!!!
Total: -54; 3.05%

Blue team has to send someone home.  Gee.... I'm wondering who that will be.....  *scratches chin*
I SO hope it is Tracey! 
Liz has the highest percentage of weight loss this week and is immune. YAY LIZ!
I'm horrible --- I hope that it is Tracey. PLEASE let it be Tracey.  I can't even stand to hear her talk.

Coach Mo seems to be throwing himself under the bus.
Damn.  I really don't want Coach Mo to go home.  I want Tracey to go home.

Liz: Coach Mo (wtf??)
Rudy: Coach Mo
Tracey: Coach Mo (duh) (crying bullshit, blah blah)
Rebecca: Coach Mo

WHAT THE F***?!?!?!

And Coach Mo starts crying.  And it's killing me.  I hate that he's going home.  I'm SO pissed off I can't even tell you.
Where are they now:
Started at 355, but now has lost 76 pounds!  And now weighs 279.  And now he works with educational exercise and nutrition for children. GO COACH MO!


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