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Biggest Loser 10/6/09

Some people may know this but I am a fan of the Biggest Loser show.  I love seeing people work and reach their goals.  I'm going to start giving my take on the show and what goes on.  I will follow the intro with a jump break so if you don't want spoilers, don't read below.
Caveat: I may forget some names or misspell them. Also, this is going to be one LONG post. Beware!

Last week:
The big brew ha ha was Tracey.  The first thing that happened was during a temptation(??).  The deal was, you could have a 2 pound advantage the following weigh in but you wouldn't be able to use the trainers at all that week.  Tracey took it with 2 pounds.  My problem was that she made the decision without consulting her team member. (Keep in mind that he saved her tail the first week when she was in the hospital.)

Then, she won the temptation where she could decide who weighed in for each team.  The biggest issue here was that she promised one thing, and would do another.  She really screwed over a bunch of people.  And lost their trust.  She just shot herself, and possibly her teammate, in the foot.

At the beginning of the show, you see the orange team and the purple team talking.  All I can think is that Tracey is really trying to justify herself.  And seriously, it sounds like she is believing her own lies.

One thing that I really love is that Jillian kept asking "Why did you get to 400 pounds?" And forcing them to look at the why.  And when Julio said that he was happy, Jillian wouldn't let him have it.  And was completely up front that you don't get to be overweight if you are happy. And that's the truth! (Speaking from experience.) I'm SO glad that she does that.  Part of her goal can be said: "What I try to do is bring up old issues for the contestants and make them work those issues through so that in their every day lives, they'll be prepared." Love her!!
The only failure you will truly ever have is not trying.  There's got to come a point where there's nothing else to lose man.  You've just gotta jump.  You've got to take the risk." --Jillian Michaels
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 Another setback for Tracey.  Now, she pissed me off last week beyond belief, but I do feel for her and her injuries.  The first week, during the first challenge, she suffered severe heat stroke and was in the hospital for a week.  And now it seems that her blood work numbers have gotten worse and she is taken off all exercise. 

RUT RO!!  The kitchen is chained up this week!  Which means that they have to eat out every day.  They have a challenge... to pick the healthiest chicken dinner.  And they are asking
smart questions!  Chicken with skin or without? Does the bbq sauce have sugar? How was this prepared? What kind of milk is that? Excellent questions.  It broke down to half of the teams picking the bbq chicken dinner and half picking the roasted chicken dinner.
I picked the roasted chicken dinner.  Let's see if I was right....

WOO HOO!!!!!  I picked correctly!  Oh lord.. part 2: how many calories were in dinner A.  I have no idea. Brown team guesses  547. Pink team guesses 385. Orange team guesses 475.  The actual calories were: 445 calories. Pink team wins!  What did they get?? A kitchen full of healthy food for an entire year! That's awesome.

Now here's an interesting tidbit and something that people don't think about.  They are ordering out and picking very good healthy choices.  The meals come and it is somewhat a disaster.  Bagel chips come with meals. Cheese added when they specifically said no cheese. Julio said 'No Melon' because he is allergic, but there's melon all over his chicken.  It's hard to eat out!  Because they never get it right. And they never think of these things.
 Trainer Tips: Jillian
If you love your mashed potatoes... those starchy, not good for you, white potatoes, replace it with cauliflower. Similar texture and taste and good for you!

The contestants explain to Bob and Jillian what the challenge is this week.  So they decide to take them out to a restaurant to teach them how to order off the menu.  They go to a mexican restaurant.  OH HOLY COW!  I would not survive! LOL  First things first: say no thank you to the chips. That would be hard.  (Bread, etc. should be denied as well.)  Becka talks about why she wants to lose the weight. "I want to have a family. I don't want to raise a family like I did. I want to break the cycle. I don't want to be the pretty face anymore. I want to be what everyone else sees in me." I feel her because I get that ALL the time.  "But you have a pretty face." And it isn't meant as a put down, they are meaning it as a compliment.  But what it means is that "Your face is pretty, but the rest of you is crap."  Because when they say "You are pretty." that's when you feel good.  There's no conditions on it.

YAY Shay!  She sent her food back because it looked like there was grease in her food.  And she says "They want you to enjoy your food and the experience. Don't feel bad for sending something back!"  LOL  Jillian "Never forget your calorie counter book!!" Yes ma'am! :)  
Trainer Tips: (Bob)
  • When going out to eat: just remember to plan ahead.  Get on their online menu and plan ahead to avoid temptation.
  • Avoid anything sauteed or pan-fried. Instead go for grilled, steamed, baked, broiled, or poached
  • Ask questions about things on the menu.  If they can't tell you how it is prepared, stay away!

WATER CHALLENGE!!! And they are playing for immunity! They have to hang onto a handle the longest.  The platform that they are on will incrementally get steeper. Note from me: This would suck for me.  Because my grip strength sucks
Liz from the brown team goes first, followed by Danny.  Brown team is out.
Amanda from the pink team goes out.
Rudy from the blue team goes.
Allen looks like he is in for the duration!!!
Rebecca makes both pink team members out.
Dina brings the blue team out.
Coach Mo goes out.  So it leaves:
Allen, Shay, Julio, Daniel
Shay goes for 10 minutes! Then Julio.  Leaving it between Allen and Daniel.

And the winner is......
Great job!!  I am so happy for the orange team.  Daniel started out at 454 pounds last season. And was eliminated the this week last season.  Go Daniel and Shay!
Last chance workout! 
Rudy is having trouble here.  But Jillian isn't having any of it.  Jillian is the type that you call her names like "antichrist" and "satan spawn" in your head. But you love her after everything is over. Everyone is getting their butts kicked. You see the pain on their faces. You can do it!
Cut to: Tracey sitting inside.  Very frustrating.  Coach Mo: Love you for pushing yourself as hard as you can!  But his body gives out. 
Last view: Coach Mo saying "I'm done man. I'm done. I'm done." In obvious pain. Cut to Bob shaking his head. Not sure if it is in frustration that he thinks someone is giving up or the fact that Coach Mo is in pain.

Bob sees that Coach Mo is in the scared stage.  And during that, the injuries feel worse.  Bob has a talk with Coach Mo about doing what is best for you.  And Coach Mo goes back in to the gym and gets on the bike. :)
"I've got to change my life.  That's why I'm here." Coach Mo.
Weigh In:
Orange Team (Immune): Daniel  0  (287)  Shay -5 (432)  (Game play?)
Green Team:  Allen -7 (285) Abby -3 (213): 1.97%
Blue Team: Rudy -11 (377) Dina  -5 (229): 2.57%
Brown Team:  Danny -8 (382) Liz -3 (240): 1.74%
Purple Team: Coach Mo -8  (318) Tracey  -4 (213): 2.21% Safe from elimation. Shay is pissed!
Black Team: Julio -4 (364): 1.09%
Pink Team:  Amanda  -5 (230) Rebecca -4 (248): 1.86%

Leaving the Black Team and the Brown Team up for elimination. I have to say that I love the brown team. And I don't want to see either go home.

This is going to be an emotional elimination.  Because Danny, Liz, and Julio seem to be great friends. As hey put it, worst case scenario.  You see them leave the room and cut to them in a group hug in the kitchen.  You see how people are split down the middle but it looks like people are considering that the Brown team would vote others out in a heartbeat and that they could get two people out at once.  So we shall see. 

Orange Team: Julio
Blue Team: Liz & Danny
Green Team:  Julio
Purple Team:  Julio
Pink Team:  Not needed

So Julio goes home.  He says that he has a lot of people who love him at home and that they will not let him quit.  He's ready to see his family.  A lot of tearful goodbyes.
"Sometimes in life, you need a jump start.  You just need something different.  It is a rare opportunity to be able to do something as big as this, and to put your face out there, and to risk everything. I want to say thank you to everyone associated with this show. Life will be different from this point forward and I'm thankful for it." - Julio
 From 407 to 299,  he looks looking great! He's working hard.  And he's recommending fresh food without all of the additives.  He still loves cooking and food.  He's just making it different. His goal: Losing a total of 200 lbs by the finale! Good luck Julio!


Noel Trim said...

I love this show...but it hurts to watch the end...yet your so excited to see their transformation! It's amazing what you can do. Just shows you that with self motivation you can do anything!
I've ordered 4 biggest loser books and they are amazing! I have 2 of the four now and I love them. Great tips, recipes (with calories)...helps keep me motivated!

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