Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 21 - Chubby buddy or Chubby competition??

I wrote this blog for Day 21.  However, me being the brilliant person that I am, hit "Save Now" instead of "Publish Post."  I'm just smooth like that.  So here's yesterday's post.... ummm.... a day behind. :D

I was watching Kirstie Alley's Big Life the other night.  It's actually really funny.  Anyway, Kirstie is embarking on a weight loss program, one that she and a team developed and are now selling. (I am not doing this program - just watching what I'm eating and exercising.)  In the first episode, she asked her handyman, Jim, to be her chubby buddy and lose weight together. He agreed.

It's been really funny - seeing the way they handle their trials and tribulations.  Not just in the weight loss journey, but in every day life as well.

But this week's episode, Jim talked about how they embarked on this journey together but that now Kirstie did not act like his teammate anymore.  See, he has steadily lost more weight than Kirstie - probably because he weighs more and, well, he's a guy.  (Side note: What the hell is it that makes men lose weight faster than women??  We have a periods, and childbirth,  AND we can't lose weight?!?!  How the h*** did guys get off so easy?!?!)  

Okay, sorry about that. I sometimes can't help myself.  Anyway - what was I saying?? Oh yeah, Kirstie and Jim are chubby buddies, losing weight together.  But this week, Jim was having a problem because he felt as if they weren't chubby buddies anymore.  It wasn't about doing it together anymore, but more like a competition.

And that's the question -- do you have any people in your life who are also trying to lose weight?  Is it a partnership or a competition?  Do you do better in your weight loss if you have someone to do it with or do you prefer to do it on your own?

For me, I'm a highly competitive person.  But I am still always happy for someone to lose weight.  And I like having people around me who understands what I'm trying to do, what kinds of setbacks and victories come in the process, and can push me and encourage me.  I, of course, want to do the same for them.

However, I do know people who would either want 1) for me to stay the same weight so they can feel more comfortable with where they are with their weight or 2) to beat me at the weight loss game.

It's frustrating to be sure.  But what's important is that I stay on my journey and I'll get to my goal when I get to my goal.  And just hope that people come along for the ride. :)


Merri said...

Im not trying to lose weight so I cant say but I prob would be competitive. Im a competitive person. And it does get annoying that guys can gain muscles so much more easily than girls. I think its because they already have more muscle, but also more because of their higher testosterone. So women are meant to have less tone and more round. Boo.

ARJules said...

I'm competitive too. But I don't get upset at other people, but I do get upset at myself for not performing the way I think I should. As for the muscle, I like looking like a woman... I just want to be a toned woman. :)

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