Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 6 - And the battle against stress eating


*deep breath*  Okay, now that is out of the way....  *clears throat*  I'm sure that when our founding fathers thought "We should have some taxes to pay for government programs" they weren't thinking about little 'ol me 234 years later and the possible effect taxes could have on my diet.  If they were.... shame on you Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and all the rest of you founding parents of our country! 

But the point it, I've been doing well... chugging along on the weight loss path.  I'm feeling good.  And then..... I had my mom's tax person check my return.  And BAM!!!!  What?? What do you mean I have to add this checkmark on my return?  It's going to add HOW much to my taxes owed??  Where's the nearest cookie? Seriously!  I need a cookie.  NOW.  Don't stand between me and my cookie!  If I have to,  I will mainline it.

But really, what is it that makes you want to chow down when things get stressful?? The urge to shove anything (well, anything available anyway) in my mouth was so overwhelming.  However, I did realize what was happening and I ended up having a yogurt and getting on the elliptical for 20 minutes instead. *pats herself on the back* 

I hope that I can continue dealing with the stress in a somewhat healthy manner instead of shoving food in my face!  Cross your fingers for me!  

And if you are betting on if I will cave in or not, put me down for $10 that I'll stick with it.  (I need the money anyway. :)


Merri said...

Ugh taxes. Well, taxes are good for me but I know how bad they can be if you have to pay. Well that’s great that you stopped yourself and were healthy instead! I am a stress non-eater. Which is also bad and I am always trying to work on that (ive gotten SO much better).

ARJules said...

The only time I have been a stress non-eater was when Scott died. Just had no interest in it. But I got over that as you can see. heh

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