Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm FREE!! I'm FREE!!! - Day 5

So... the two people who read this might have noticed I haven't been around.  I had been working 14 hour days trying to get my part done for this project at work.  But I'm done!!!!  I'm FREEEEEEEE!!!

*Jules imagines herself running and leaping through a field of wildflowers singing "The Hills are Alive... with the Sound of Muuuuuusssiiiiiic..." while her incredibly good looking, smart, funny, accomplished, and great in bed boyfriend waits for her with diamonds and champagne* 

Dreamworld screeches to a halt when reality raises its ugly head as my dog sitting beside me farts.  Oh life. *sigh* OH! My lungs! They are burning!

Okay, I just had my oxygen feed going to help my lungs after Farty McFartenston Dog tried to kill me by gassing me to death.  He doesn't mean it.... no really, he doesn't really snicker in his little doggie way as I'm gasping for breath and diving through the window screen to get fresh air. He's a good dog.  *cough*  Moving on!

So as I said, my work has been KILLING me lately.  But I am finally done with this project. Just in time to save my sanity.  And good news boys and girls. I actually got off my toosh and started doing something about my weight.  I know! I'm shocked too.  But it definitely feels different this time around - like a part of my life. 

 I decided that I was going to start this journey on April 1st.  (How weird is it that I picked April Fool's Day to start this journey?)  So I'm only on day five, but I'm feeling pretty good.  I'm using Livestrong's Daily Plate to keep track of what I'm eating and counting my calories. And I'm not even cheating!! (You know we all say "Ummm.. it's that many calories? I bet I didn't have a full serving.")

I also started working out on my elliptical too.  My friend, Katie, came to visit a couple of weeks ago, and I'm afraid to say, she used the elliptical more in her 5 days here than I had in a couple of months.  *hangs head in shame* I know!!!  But, I have since corrected this situation.  This is day 3 on the elliptical, but I'm taking tomorrow off.  I do love having an elliptical in my apt so I can watch the tv and no one can see me huffing and puffing.  

Now that I have bored you guys... let me pose a question... When you guys work out, what do you like to watch??  Do you need something action packed, or can you watch the grass grow?

Okay - off to sleepy time!


Merri said...

Lol funny blog. Bleh 14 hr days that sux. What do you do?
When I work out on the eliptical, im at the gym, so I cant really control what I watch. I have to watch whatever they have on the tv. It's often cnn, or the local news, so that’s the only time I watch the news. Sometimes it's jeopardy, which is good, and if I'm really lucky, it's friends. When I'm unlucky, its sports. Once in a while when I get out of work super early and go work out I see judge judy or soaps. Theres no tv in front of anything except the elipticals (and treadmills but I don’t use those). Honestly though, as long as I have my ipod, im set. I NEED music to work out. Its mandatory for me. If the ipod messes up and I'm not in an exercise class, I leave.

ARJules said...

Well, 14 hr days are unusual. We were working on getting a nanosatellite ready for launch. So lots of hours.

And yeah - I love having the tv. I don't know how people do without something to keep their mind occupied. Whether it is music or tv, I have to have it! The other people are just mutants. That's my theory.

Merri said...

nanosatelite? wow youre smart!

ARJules said...

Ummmm.... not really. I'm good at faking it. :)

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