Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 27 - Feeling the need to tell a funny story

Okay, so it may just be funny to me alone.  But I think that sh**s and giggles, I should share it with you guys. :)

Several years ago, I'd say in 2002 or 2003, I went to a conference in New Orleans for my work.  It was tough to be in such a great city.  Really.  Okay... truthfully?  Let's just say that I didn't actually see a lot of the conference. What can I say?? I was in New Orleans. I'm a history buff. And it's a beautiful city!  But anyway, one of the days we were there, a group of us went on a haunted tour. It was a lot of fun - full of haunted places and historical facts.  We had a great time.  One of the places we went was a bar called "The Morgue", which used to be the morgue in New Orleans.  (Photo acknowledgement: http://jaybarrymore.com/NewOrleans.aspx)  We decided on the spot that we were going back there that night.  Unfortunately, I have found out that it closed not that long after.  And I was really sad to hear about that!

The five of us were walking down Bourbon street on our way to St. Philip street where the bar was located, arguing about which street we were supposed to turn down. (And for the record, Lynda and I were right. ha ha)  As we are walking, this lady, and I use the term loosely, approaches us.  "Where y'all goin'?"  Us: "The Morgue" Lady: "Well, come on. I'll show ya." And by the way, I'm from the south. I have an accent, so I'm not making fun of it.

Now at this point, we are all thinking "Okay, I'll give her a couple of bucks for showing us where it is."  So here's this tiny, tiny woman in her fatigue pants and t-shirt leading us down the street.  Then she's telling us how she works at a Voo Doo store.  Then she pulls out the "D'y'all get your readin's yet?"  Us: "Umm.. Rachel and Julie did."  (Rachel and I wanted to be able to say we had our readings done in the square.  And we joked afterwards that they all say the same thing. )   She pulls out this ratty tarot cards, so old and tattered, you couldn't even tell what they said.  She's tossing these cards out and she's talking so fast, I don't even know to this day what she said.  All I heard was that Rachel was fertile and Lynda was coming into money.

Then....... she tells us how much to pay her.  I honestly can't remember how much, but it was more than we were planning.  And we give it to her!!!!!!!   We get to the bar... we get our drinks.... and we're really quiet. We're all just sitting there, not talking.  And then we start looking at each other and say "Did we give her money???  We gave her money!!  We got screwed and didn't get to enjoy it!!  SHE PUT A VOO DOO CURSE ON US!"  So about a quarter down into my drink, I was feeling pretty good.  It was called "Embalming Fluid" and was served in a huge cup.  Rachel and I were getting happy and we decide we are going to get some of our money back.  And we decide to go on Bourbon street and tell people we are there for a palm readers conference.  After all .... they all say the same thing anyway!

Did we get our money back?? Yes and no.  Actually money? No. Getting our drinks paid for the rest of the night? Yes.

Here's how it would usually start:
"You've been really hurt in your past..... and you've built a wall.... but you're going to meet someone and you are going to want to take that wall down.... "blah blah blah.

Which is usually followed by:
"Wow!  How do you know that?!"  Usually said in an awe-filled voice.

People would come up to me and say "Your friend is really good.  She knew so much about me!" Me: "Yeah, she's been doing this for a long time."

Am I a bad person???  It may have been bad... but I have an excuse!!  We were drunk. And you do stupid things when you are drunk.  At least I didn't do something stupid like take a guy back to my hotel room.  Wait.........  is that a good thing or bad thing?? Ha ha ha ha ha

This story may be funnier in my head.   But I thought you may enjoy it. :D


Merri said...

LOL they do that on cartoons.. Family guy and southpark. It always works. Ppl think theyre really psychic. But you did that in real life, that’s awesome. I went to new orleans once for work, it may have been 2003 as well, it was a cool city..id go again!

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